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Scout Denver’s Neighborhood Spotlight: Holly Hills


The Holly Hills neighborhood is one of several premiere Denver Area neighborhoods worth
consideration for real estate buyers. Holly Hills offers features to home shoppers worth
highlighting in this edition of our Spotlight Blog.

Metro Denver is large in area and has numerous neighborhoods to choose from. We spotlight Holly
Hills because of our appreciation for this neighborhood and our history of doing business in the

The main appeal of Holly Hills is its mix of urban and suburban features. The area is located in
Southeast Denver and part of unincorporated Arapahoe. The neighborhood offers a quality suburban
“feel” with added space, yet also has attractions an urban area offers, including the Light Rail
train system and active business & shopping districts.

Many young families realize the unique traits of having an urban and suburban mixed lifestyle, thus
making Holly Hills a sought after neighborhood. Buyers and homeowners feel like they’re getting
more for their money because lots, homes, and backyards are spacious and centrally located.

Neighborhood & School Boundaries

Traditionally speaking, Holly Hills stretches from I-25 on its western boundary to Monaco Parkway
on its eastern boundary, and from Hampden in the south to Iliff in the north. About half of the
area is considered Denver County and the other half considered unincorporated Arapahoe.

The Denver region of Holly Hills is part of the Denver Public Schools District, while
unincorporated Arapahoe is part of the Cherry Creek Schools District.

Parks and Recreation

Bible Park is a very spacious and well-known Denver Public Park. It has multiple youth sports
taking place year-round and its boundaries are lined by the Highline Canal, with Goldsmith Gulch
cutting through the center of the park.

The Highline Canal & Trail stretches throughout Denver and runs in and around the Holly Hills
neighborhood. The noteworthy canal and trail are lined with Cottonwood trees and perfect for
bikers, runners and walkers. See the following link for more information

High Line Canal Map & Guide

Social Demographics

The Holly Hills area has a very low vacancy rate and a high demand for listings in the area.
Popular neighborhoods, like Holly Hills, typically offer very positive social demographics.

The area ranks very high in education and “executive living” levels compared to national rankings.
Along with these items, Holly Hills also has high income earning residents. The neighborhood not
only boasts high levels of income, but the lowest levels of income in the area are much higher than
national averages, thus there is a low poverty rate.

The Homes of Holly Hills

Holly Hills mainly consists of medium to large-sized single family homes with large lots. Most
houses have single-story, ranch layouts. These homes are well established, constructed in the 1950s
and 60s, and mostly owner-occupied. The average price range of single family homes is from $600,000 –

In addition to single family homes, a portion of Holly Hills is made up of condos and town- homes,
mostly ranging from $200,000 – $400,000.

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