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Q & A With Scout Real Estate Founder: Andrew Schiff

Q & A with Andrew Schiff
Denver Boutique Real Estate Group Founder

The Front Range is home to a growing population of both natives and newcomers and offers residents culture, diversity, financial opportunities, attractions, recreation and more.  Scout Real Estate Group takes immense pride in providing superior customer service to the great people of our city and surrounding regions.  Andrew Schiff has called Denver “home” for his entire life and has the knowledge and skills to help Denver residents in all areas of real estate.

In a candid one-on-one interview, Andrew has graciously provided some answers to questions about the Metro Denver real estate industry and the city, itself, during his lifelong residency and lengthy background serving clients in property management, real estate investments, and buying and selling homes.

Q: How long have you been involved in Denver real estate?

A: I have been in Denver Real Estate for 15 years. I am a Denver native so my knowledge of the area extends over my entire life.

Q: What are the biggest changes about the Front Range you’ve noticed during that time?

A: The real estate industry has changed dramatically from the way we conduct business on a day to day basis, brokerage office structures, buyers and sellers access to the information regarding real estate for sale and values, and the advertising used to market properties.

Q: What are one or two of the biggest changes about the Metro Denver Real Estate Market you’ve noticed during that time?

A: The Denver Market’s most identifiable change today is driven by the growth that has occurred in recent years and the influx of people into our city. This growth has not only expanded where homes are built and number of buyers, but also the number of real estate agents.

Q: Is there a common major concern among today’s Home Buyers?

A: Home buyers today in the Denver Metro Area are faced with Denver property values at their highest point ever. We have surpassed all of our previous highs prior to the real estate market crash in 2008/2009. Furthermore, the growth is keeping the inventory of available homes extremely low and the market very competitive with multiple offer situations where buyers are offering well over the list price for properties.

Q: Is there a common major concern among today’s Home Sellers?

A: The major concern for home sellers now is that if they are trying to do a move up sale where they sell their existing property and need to buy a new home in Denver, they are faced with challenges regarding timing their sale to coordinate with the purchase of their new home. Selling their home can be the easy part in a seller’s market like Denver, but then they have find a replacement in a market that is highly competitive and lacking inventory.

Q: What makes first-time buyers different from other buyers?

A: Education and knowledge of the process as a whole is the major difference. First time buyers are taking on one of the biggest purchases in their life and need to be educated on the process and the market. Real estate transactions are not simple transactions.  There are a lot of moving parts like obtaining a mortgage, inspections of the property and appraising the property.

Q: What is your favorite thing about the City of Denver?

A: There is not just one. The climate and beauty are awesome. Also, the development of our city into a metropolitan area is a huge positive for me as well.

Q: What is your favorite thing about owning a boutique real estate group serving the Greater Denver Area?

A: Selling real estate in this great city! Furthermore, being a smaller firm we have the ability to tailor our client’s needs to each situation. We are not held back by corporate policies or practices and can offer truly amazing customer service to each of our clients.

We thank Andrew for  his time in the interview and hope his feedback sheds some light on his qualification and the great service Scout Real Estate Group provides.

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