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Four Unique Traits of a Boutique Real Estate Brokerage


Denver Boutique Real Estate Brokers

Real estate consumers should consider all options for assistance when buying and selling homes in the Greater Denver area. Boutique brokerages are smaller in size compared to larger firms, but they can bring quite a bit to the table for buyers and sellers for a variety of reasons.

We’ll discuss four unique characteristics of a boutique brokerage that may be unfamiliar to Front Range real estate consumers.


A boutique brokerage atmosphere allows brokers to conduct transactions as they see fit for each situation. Brokers are responsible for their methods and free to use them accordingly based on past experience.

Large real estate firms typically have a set-in-stone process for their agents, thus lacking flexibility in this regard.

For example, boutique brokers are able to choose professionals in various fields (banks, inspectors, etc.) to carry out transactions throughout the real estate process. Large firms rely on a set group of outside help which may not always benefit the client.

Personal Attention

Independence and trust provided to boutique real estate agents provide better personal attention to each client. They don’t feel the pressure of filling quotas. Instead, they work at a pace that’s best for each client giving them the attention they deserve.

Large real estate firms typically require monthly sales quotas from their agents. This can lead to heavy workloads, rushed deals, and far less attention to details than boutique agents.


The team aspect of boutique brokerages is an important characteristic. The entire team of boutique brokers work for each client, not just one designated agent. Each broker is still responsible for their client, but a group effort is readily available and used as needed. Boutique agents aren’t competing against one another. Instead, they utilize the specialties of everyone to help their clients.

Bigger real estate firms have a large base of agents working for them, but not necessarily working in team units. Their agents may not be in close contact with others having different areas of expertise than they do.

Extensive Market Knowledge

The combined experiences of everyone in a boutique real estate group create an extensive source of market knowledge for Metro Denver area clients. Market research and analysis, individual knowhow, geographic locations, and other items are considered for each client using a boutique broker. Teamwork leads to added knowledge, thus making each real estate transaction run smoothly and efficiently from start to finish.

Scout Real Estate Group (office in Cherry Creek North) brokers posses the following areas of expertise serving clients throughout the Greater Denver area in all facets of real estate:

Andy Schiff – Scout founder with 15 years of real estate service in Metro Denver and surrounding areas

Dayn Fox – Extensive property management background with advanced experience serving the southeast Denver area

Jenny Hanson – Advanced experience in helping relocation to Denver serving the Foothills, Plains, and Metro Denver

Kim Simmons – Extensive knowledge with buying and selling homes in Littleton and southwest suburbs of Denver

Bill Marinelli – Extensive knowledge in mortgage lending and property management

Raoul DeSota – Bilingual in English and Spanish with advanced experience in client-relation management

Tres Morley – Extensive knowledge with multifamily sales and residential markets

Jesse Sandoval – Extensive knowledge with investment properties and fix-and-flilps