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TRID Changes for Denver Real Estate Buyers & Sellers

Denver Area Real Estate
TRID for Buyers & Sellers

In October, 2015, new TRID rules took effect regarding mortgage disclosure forms.  A few of these changes are having small effects on Denver real estate buyers and sellers.  Preparation for some of these changes will ensure closings are not delayed for all parties involved as long as the new rules are followed. Furthermore homebuyers will be more informed prior to the actual closing.

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Fourth Quarter Options for Denver Real Estate Buyers and Sellers

Fourth Quarter Real Estate Options
Denver Buyers and Sellers

The real estate market usually changes with the calendar. Fall and early winter are typically slower seasons for buying and selling properties, but there’s always activity, especially in the Denver market.

We’ll discuss some of the pros and cons for fourth quarter (4Q) buyers and sellers to consider before making a transaction by the end of 2015.

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Scout Denver’s Neighborhood Spotlight: Holly Hills

Denver real estate brokerage
Scout Spotlight: Holly Hills

The Holly Hills neighborhood is one of several unique Denver Area neighborhoods worth consideration for real estate buyers.  Holly Hills offers features to home shoppers worth highlighting in this edition of our Spotlight Blog.

Metro Denver is large in area and has numerous neighborhoods to choose from.  We spotlight Holly Hills because of our appreciation for this neighborhood and our history of doing business in the area.

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