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All Aboard: Four New Denver Light-Rail Lines in 2016

Denver Area RTD train routes
New Light-Rail Lines in 2016

Denver continues to be a progressive city on the move.  The steady growth of the RTD light-rail train system is a part of the its greatness and high quality of life.  2016 offers Metro Denver residents four new rail lines in different parts of the city, including the existing A Line to the airport.

The very first RTD train line was the Southwest Light Rail Line which opened to the public in July of 2000.  Notable lines include the Southeast Line that opened in 2006, the West Line in 2013, and the Airport Line in 2016.

Ridership on several of Denver’s train lines exceed expectations while only a few fall short in long-term projections yet still show profit and heavy usage.  Recent train line expansions have finished ahead of schedule and the four new lines being added this year are on schedule or already active.

The four new Light-Rail Train Lines in 2016 include:

A Line to the Airport

The recent, news-worthy A Line runs from Union Station to Denver International Airport with stops along parallel stretches of I-70 and Peña Boulevard.  The A Line is considered a long-awaited “game-changer” for visitors to connect to the city, as well as provide residents with an efficient option for traveling to the airport.

Now open as of April, 2016, the A Line trains are slightly larger and travel faster than those on other lines to accommodate flight-bound passengers.

Running east to west, the A Line starts at Union Station and makes stops at: 38th & Blake; 40th & Colorado; Central Park; Peoria; 40th & Airport; 61st & Peña; and finally at DIA.

B Line to Westminster

Scheduled to open this summer, the B Line, for now, is a direct shot from Union Station to Westminster.  It serves as the initial “leg” of a proposed 41 mile train line to Boulder and eventually Downtown Longmont.

Until funding becomes available, the B Line will only include service from Union Station to Westminster with no other stops.

When completed, the entire B Line  will run from north to the northwest starting at Union Station and then stops at: Westminster; Church Ranch; Flatiron; Louisville; Boulder Junction; Gunbarrel; and finally at Downtown Longmont.

G Line to Arvada/Wheat Ridge

The G Line, named the “Gold Rail Line,” opens in the Fall of 2016 and will run from Union Station thru Arvada and ending in Wheat Ridge.

The G Line runs 11 miles and provides train service to a dense portion of Northwest Denver, Adams County and Arvada.

The G Line starts at Union Station and heads directly north to Pecos Junction, and then directly heads west with stops at: Clear Creek/Federal; 60th & Sheridan/Arvada Gold Strike; Olde Town Arvada; Arvada Ridge; and ending at Wheatridge/Ward.

R Line thru Aurora/East Side Denver

The three above mentioned light-rail lines start at Union Station and expand outward, but the R Line acts as a connecting line between other major train routes (the H & A Lines) as well as a new route of service to the east side of Denver & Aurora.

Opening late in 2016, the R Line begins at Nine Mile and runs north along I-225, ending at Peoria.  The R Line spans 10.5 miles yet has multiple stops through dense areas of Aurora along I-225.

Running north and south, the R Line starts at the existing Nine Mile Station from the south and makes stops going north at: Iliff; Florida; Aurora Metro Center; 2nd Ave/Abilene; 13th Ave; Colfax; Fitzsimmons; and finally at Peoria.

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